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none, until cashflow (it's currently a venture)

About Us

What We Do:

We develop the first free to get started LinkedIn Analytics Tool for Personal Profiles. Our tool provides people with a comprehensive web dashboard that makes analyzing content as easy as never before. We can visualize data LinkedIn won't show its users.

Our current userbase includes LinkedIn influencers, recruiters, managers, sales/marketing people, and companies. Some of the top names in the industry recognized our tool and are actively using it.

Who We Are:

We are a set of 3 founders: Florian, Eugen and me (Tim), are building inlytics together with a great team.

Florian lived from his bootstrapped SaaS for about 3 years. In the peak times he managed over 170k Users p.M. - he is currently working @hatchery - a corporate company builder.

I've started my entrepreneurial journey with my first startup called Cartago, which was brought to Daimler (Mercedes) after its foundation in 2016 (2017). In the meanwhile, I've worked with over 35 startups including corporate initiatives from names like Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, EnBW, Sparkasse and more. Previously working at @earlybird (Head of Growth, part-time).

As a team, we work remotely. You are free to operate from wherever you want. An important principle of our work is that we do not count hours, but rather measure results. You decide how you want to spend your time.

You are more productive in the evening and want to spend your lunchtime in the park? - Do it. We are sensitive to trust and responsibility. You won't hear us say "if you see something, say something." We simply fix it. That's how we do it.

Our most important core value is kindness. We constantly practice doing good for others, because we know how it enriches life. That's also what drives us: We want to learn and grow, both personally and on our skill base therefore maintaining an open and flat hierarchy is self-evident for us.

What Drives Us

We believe in helping people to improve based on facts. How we do that is by becoming the first go-to-place for people and organisations that want to create an impact with content that matters. We do that by providing actionable advice and resources that makes the perfect backbone solution for data driven individuals and businesses.


Spend less time analyzing and more producing what matters.

inlytics why how what - our purpose

Job Description

The Job

Together with our small team, you are working on the heart of inlytics: the frontend app. You will work mainly with React to improve the current version of inlytics, add new features, and implement new parts of the application. We are constantly evolving and so is your job. It's important for us that you have room to improve yourself and learn new stuff. You can so while working at inlytics.

Our stack:

Time & Location

As mentioned above: We work remotely and so do you. We don't have fixed working hours, feel free to schedule your day. The only fixed dates are our weekly and daily calls.

Your Skills

  • Knowledge in React
  • Basic knowledge of Typescript
  • A good understanding of writing performant and well-structured code

Bonus if you...

  • Have experience in using machine learning, advanced algorithms and pattern detection (not required doe!)
  • You have been working with the Google Cloud Platform before (also a plus, but not required!)

Our Offer:

Through your contribution on the frontend of the software, you will gain experience and we will provide you with an official recommendation if the collaboration is successful. Please note: We can (unfortunately) not pay a salary! We are a young company with few resources and are self-financed.


Write me (Tim) on LinkedIn or via email. A letter of motivation is not necessary. Just send me your resume and we will get to know each other as early as possible in a 20 minute pre-call. And by the way, feel free to send me a link to your LinkedIn profile.

We Are Human 🧔

You don't have to act for us. We all make mistakes and are not perfect. We know that. We want to be extra kind, because kindness is contagious, and helps us achieve our missions and be happy and grateful. We know that we know nothing until we test it. Thats why we don't act like "I know...and have made...!".

We Work Remotely 🎉

When you join inlytics you can work from wherever you want. We don't count hours we measure results. At inlytics you are responsible for your work, following the principle: "We don't say “if you see something, say something.” We simply fix it. Which helps balance our bias for pace over perfection.

We Don't Care Where You're From

It doesn't matter where you from. When you join inlytics, we need to trust and like to work with you. Of course, skill is important, but arguably we weight values more than skills.

Let's Talk Money 💰

We are an early-stage startup. Money plays a role for us, so we would like to talk to you personally about this topic. We naturally pay attention to your experience, motivation, and commitment.

There are two ways to apply:
1. Write Tim a short message on LinkedIn (button below)
2. Send us an email at
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