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Take your profile to the next level with our exceptional profile statistics.

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Profile Recommendations
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We want to help you make your LinkedIn profile as appealing as possible. Therefore we have integrated a function which gives you the possibility to see how good your profile is already optimized. We also give you practical advice to make it even better.

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Profile Scoring
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Based on the profile recommendations, we have developed a scoring which shows the overall degree of optimisation.

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Score per Category
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In addition, we visualize your optimization level in another graphical representation which shows your scoring by category. Practically isn't it?

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Profile Views
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See how many people have seen your LinkedIn profile in the last 90 days. We even store historical data for you, so you can compare how your statistics have developed over time in the future.

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Search Appearances
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See how often you have appeared in the LinkedIn search

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See how many connections you currently have and how they have changed over time.

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New Connections

See at a glance how many new connections have been added in the last 90 days.

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Here you can find out how many followers you currently have and how they have changed over time.

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FREE - limited

Here you can find out how many followers you currently have and how they have changed over time.

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Connections Chart

A very helpful metric is the Connection Chart. You can use it to find out directly when you have gained how many new contacts. This makes it easy to identify trends.

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Follower & Following Chart

Also very helpful is the Follower and Following Chart. With them you can observe the historical course and see when you had more people to start following you.

Audience Insights

20 video lessons        |        4hr 2 mins

Learn more about your target group and your profile visitors. Detailed statistics which help you to connect better.


We'll provide an introduction to the site build section of the course.

Homepage: grid-based hero section

Build a layout powered by CSS grid. This lesson covers building and stying the grid section, image block, content block, and body tag.

Homepage: navigation

Configure a site navigation bar that links to each major page and stays fixed to the top of the browser's viewport.

Homepage: testimonials

To emphasize both trust and authority for Hayes Valley Interior Design, we'll integrate CMS-driven testimonials on the homepage.

Homepage: footer

Build a grid-based footer section which houses the company logo, navigation links, and business information.

Homepage: responsiveness

Test and adapt responsiveness and fluidity for the homepage layout on desktop, tablet, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait.

Portfolio page

Build a portfolio page that spotlights the value your client has to offer their potential clients.

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Portfolio page: responsiveness

Configure the portfolio page so that it is responsive across device and screen sizes.

Portfolio page: client detail page

We'll design a client detail page from scratch based on our CMS...and we'll watch as 8 more client detail pages generate automatically.

Portfolio page: client detail page responsiveness

We'll take our client detail page and optimize it for desktop, tablet, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait.

Process page

In this lesson, we'll break down each of the four steps clients go through when they work with Hayes Valley Interior Design.

Process page: responsiveness

The process page will be tested and optimized on desktop, tablet, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait.

Team page

The team behind Hayes Valley won't just get headshots; they'll get automatically-generated, CMS-driven links to their bio pages.

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Team page: responsiveness

We'll take everything we designed in the team page and make it work across all device types.

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Team page: team member detail page

We'll build a full bio page for each and every team member at Hayes Valley Interior Design.

Team page: team member detail page responsiveness

We'll take each team member's bio page and test and adapt it for desktop, tablet, mobile landscape, and mobile portrait.

Contact page

We'll make a full contact page that has a contact form and additional contact information for Hayes valley Interior Design.

Contact page: responsiveness

We'll make the contact form and the additional contact information work across all kinds of devices.

Contact page: reCAPTCHA setup

reCAPTCHA is more than a word. It's validation for humans using forms.

Homepage revisited: secondary sections

We'll revisit the homepage, adding sections that link to Hayes Valley Interior Design's process and team member pages.

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