Terms and Conditions

Special Purchase Deals

Lifetime purchase (one-time-purchase)

This application (inlytics) hold the right to offer one-time-purchases such as but not limited to lifetime deals.
If the user purchases a lifetime account, we guarantee to continue providing service for at least 24 months. In the event of a company liquidation or other circumstances where we are no longer able to ensure proper operation, the user will be entitled to a partial refund of the paid lifetime plan amount within 24 months. Example: the user purchases a lifetime plan on 01.01.2020, which means that we guarantee the availability of the service until 01.01.2022. If we cease operations after this date, the user is not entitled to a refund. A refund is calculated on a percentage basis according to the period of 24 months. Example: the user buys a lifetime plan on 01.01.2020, on 01.01.2021 inlytics unexpectedly discontinues the service and operation, the user is entitled to a 50% refund on the original paid lifetime plan. In case of an exemplary payment of $300, this would be a $150 refund within 2 months after the discontinuation of our service.

Use Of Our Tool


inlytics is not endorsed or certified by LinkedIn. All LinkedIn (TM) logos and trademarks displayed on this tool are the property of LinkedIn. inlytics is distributed as it is. Your use inlytics at your own risk. We believe that by studying your own data with the help of inlytics, you will be able to grow your influence on LinkedIn. That also means inlytics does not take responsibility for the practices and policies of LinkedIn. We are not responsible for the personal account of the user or what purposes the product is used for. inlytics is not responsible or liable, in case of a banning of the user’s account due to the activities executed by the user.


The Owner reserves the right to modify, add, or remove sections of these Terms at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms before using the Website and/or Application. Your continued use of the our Services after any changes to these Terms means that you accept the Terms and changes.

Your Profile Connection

When you signup to create a Profile, we collect your profile information from the connected social media account(s) and use this information for your Profile on the application. You can always update or changed your Information through your social media account(s), as the Owner merely acts as a viewpoint through which your social media account(s) are viewed.

Use Of Your Data

inlytics reserves the right to store data resulting from the use of the tool, as well as data from each profile created and linked to LinkedIn, and to merge these data anonymously for benchmarking purposes. inlytics reserves the right to use this data in anonymized form for further internal and external use by the company for commercial purposes. This includes further services as well as the sale and rental of this data, e.g. in the form of a benchmarking report or other services with third parties. The user of our tool explicitly agrees that inlytics may collect this data from his LinkedIn account and combine it with other account specific data such as: country, region, the industry you are working in, the reason why you are signed on, job title, company, and use it for further commercial services. The user understands that inlytics will never pass on his personal data (name, age, gender, e-mail address, exact place of residence, etcetera) without explicit consent. These data are excluded from sale and rental by other services provided by inlytics.

Contact, Newsletters And Reference

You therewith accept that the Owner is allowed to contact you via telephone number related to your Profile or your email address in order to support you, deliver updates and information about the application as well as conducting marketing and research.

inlytics is eligible to use, in our own marketing and sales, our customers, partners and pilot collaborations as reference including case studies and the to be named on the website or application. Our customers, partners and pilot collaborators otherwise agree to reasonably cooperate with inlytics to serve as a reference account upon request.

Service Efforts And Bankruptcy

The Owner reserves the right to provide the withdraw of Personal Data or information not longer than 4 weeks in case of sudden bankruptcy.

The Owner aims to provide a 99.5% uptime of the service provided, however the Owner cannot guarantee this under all circumstances. The User explicitly agrees that under normal circumstances* the fulfillment of the Service by the Owner is complete if the Service is available for at least 90% of the time of a month, and therefore abandons any claims for reimbursement that may arise from the failure to provide the Service.
*normal circumstances: These are given if from external, no failures or significant changes occur. Normal circumstances describe the normal process.

Special arrangements for exceptional disturbances

These can be caused by events from outside that are not the Owners fault or that can't be influenced by the Owner. An example of an exceptional disruption could be that LinkedIn changes the way it transfers data or makes changes to the interface of the website that require technical intervention by the Owner. Also included are all cases in which the service cannot be provided due to force majeure, such as natural disasters or similar. In the event of the occurrence of such extraordinary disturbances, the user expressly agrees to refrain from providing any service for a maximum period of 20 days per month and not to ask the owner for reimbursement. The Owner will do everything in his power to make the Service operational again as quickly as possible in the event of an exceptional disruption. In case of an exceptional disturbance longer than the maximum tolerable time of 20 days, the owner promises to partially compensate the user for the failure of the service. The maximum amount of compensation is limited to 80% of the current, regularly charged amount. The compensation sum is calculated proportionally with each additional day over the 20 days. Example: if the user pays $30 per month, he is entitled to a maximum of $24 as compensation. If the user pays e.g. 500$ per year, a maximum compensation of 400$ is possible in case of a total loss of service for one year. Users of a free plan are not entitled to any refund.

§ 13 Final provisions
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies.