The LinkedIn Analytics Tool For Agencies

Monitore multiple LinkedIn Accounts all from one dashboard and find Insights others won't. Help your Clients to produce better content.

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You guys are awesome! Finally a tool which really enables proper profile and post analytics in a nice UI - THANK YOU!

Johannes Stich - Founder
LinkedIn Analytics Tool inlytics for personal branding and agencies

Mange Multiple LinkedIn Accounts

With "Groups" you can manage multiple LinkedIn Accounts without the need to get the email and login information from your clients. You can set user permissions and create as many "Groups" as you like.

Export Data - Create Reports

Spending hours on creating reports for your clients or asking them to send you data? With inlytics, you can share, obtain and download data as you wish.

LinkedIn Analytics Tool inlytics for personal branding and companies
LinkedIn Analytics Tool inlytics with content scheduling feature

Help Your Clients To Write Better Content

Writing good content is challenging. That's why we build a Scheduling Tool for you to collaborate on content production and use our recommendations to target your clients content to the right audience.