The LinkedIn Analytics Tool For Individuals

Analyze your LinkedIn data to gain viable insights on how to improve content performance and therefore grow your Influence.

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You guys are awesome! Finally a tool which really enables proper profile and post analytics in a nice UI - THANK YOU!

Johannes Stich - Founder
LinkedIn Analytics Tool inlytics for personal branding and agencies

Save Time Analyzing Your Data

Remember the time where you had to track your LinkedIn metrics in Excel? These days are over. inlytics will automatically track your content performance and hand out insights right in your dashboard.

Find Insights Others Won't

Finding actionable Insights in your data is hard. We make it easy to find out what works best for you and then help you do more of it.

LinkedIn Analytics Tool inlytics for personal branding and companies
LinkedIn Analytics Tool inlytics with content scheduling feature

Continually Produce Better Content

Our goal is to help you to produce more relevant and better-performing content that your audience loves. We do this by handing out personalized recommendations while you create content.