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You are on the right spot if you are from the press and would like to know what inlytics is and does on a meta-level.

My name is Tim, I'm one of the 2 Co-Founders of inlytics and have prepared a value proposition pitch for you. At the bottom of this page you will find additional resources. If you need more information just let me know -

inlytics: The LinkedIn Analytics Tool For Private Profiles

inlytics helps you to improve content performance by enabling you to study your own data, therefor assisting you grow your influence on LinkedIn.

inlytics In A Nutshell

inlytics provides you with a comprehensive web dashboard that lets you analyze all your personal LinkedIn data in one place.

We help you to evaluate your metrics by visualizing data and giving you actionable insights to improve your content performance.

Our plans work for single users as well as for organizations, businesses, or coaches that need multiple accounts that can be managed from one dashboard.

The Problems We Solve

By talking to LinkedIn users, influencers, and organizations, we figured out that the biggest challenges are:

  • Not even having reasonable statistics to analyze your content
  • For people who manage several accounts: There is no possibility to analyze multiple accounts at once
  • LinkedIn does not provide exportable reports
  • There is no way to benchmark with people from the industry and find out how well your content performs
  • Currently its not possible to see historic data on your profile, eg. the correlation between impressions and reactions for posts/ articles
  • Analyzing content on LinkedIn takes time, because the metrics are spread across the platform. We provide users with one simple to use dashboard that aggregates data and gives actionable insights.

Our Solution

inlytics helps to solve these problems by giving people the analytics solution they have been asking for. Our pricing starts with a lifetime-free-plan that enables everybody, even people with no budget, to start analyzing their content and improve based on facts.

As the time this is written (23.05.20), is the only tool available to offer exactly this service at a free plan (based on own research).

For whom inlytics is suitable is used by:


Improving their visibility on LinkedIn and getting visible to potential candidates.

People that want to brand themself 

Grow their influence on LinkedIn. Find out what helps them scale.

Business & Organizations

They require the usage of multiple accounts, therefore be able to analyze at scale (teams).


Increase their influence while maintaining quality.

Agencies & LinkedIn Coaches

Multiple seats for clients, letting out reports and optimizing their performance.

"Our goal is to help our users improve their content strategy by studying their own data. We deliver actionable insights to improve content performance. inlytics is free to get started, therefor unique in its segment"

How To Get Started Using inlytics

All that is required to start with inlytics, is the free chrome extensions and an account on our platform. The extension makes sure your LinkedIn account is connected with our software, so we can deliver our analytics service.

Customer Voice:

"You guys provide a great piece of software that saves me a ton of money in the long run. Again, I totally appreciate what you are doing. I strongly believe you are on the right path!" Devin M.

Now that you know what inlytics does and who out clients are, you can check out our press kit down below. You are free to download and distribute the images below, as long as you set a backlink to our page.

Thank you for taking the time! If you have further questions feel free to reach out (

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inlytics app screenshots

LinkedIn accounts dashboard

LinkedIn accounts dashboard

Meta overview dashboard

Meta overview dashboard

Content overview dashboard

Content overview dashboard with heatmap

Content heatmap

Content analytics report

Content analytics report

Profile analytics report with historic data

Profile analytics report

Post content scheduling tool

Profile analytics report

Post content scheduling tool mask

Profile analytics report

Analyze multiple LinkedIn accounts (Groups)

Profile analytics report

User management for Groups