The LinkedIn Analytics Tool For Mechanical Engineering Organisations

Analyze your LinkedIn data to gain viable insights on how to improve content performance and sales metrics

Linkedin analytics dashboard tool content overview

Hi this is Sascha, we partnered up with inlytics to help you gain more insights in your LinkedIn content performance data. We will be there to support you all the way trough and guide you in the interpretation of the data.

Sascha Glaisner - Vertriebsentwickler
LinkedIn Analytics Tool inlytics for personal branding and agencies

Your Data. In One Dashboard.

With the help and guidance of your partner, the becoa GmbH you will use the data provided to find out how you sales strategy can be fine tuned.

Insights That Leverage Your Sales Efforts

Find out who does view your content by Region, Occupation, Job-title and country. That information will help you to narrow down you content production focus.

LinkedIn Analytics Tool inlytics for personal branding and companies
LinkedIn Analytics Tool inlytics with content scheduling feature

Write Better Content. Engage More Potential Customers.

Our goal is to help you to produce more relevant and better-performing content that your audience loves. We do this by handing out personalized recommendations while you create content (coming soon).