Exciting news for inlytics

Exciting news for Inlytics

Inlytics is proud to be a new portfolio company of XO Capital. Find out what we're looking forward to and what you can expect next!

My name is Danny Chu, and I am one of the founders of XO Capital.

Earlier this week on March 22, 2022, Andrew, Henry, and I, acquired Inlytics from Eugen and Tim, the two amazing founders who built a powerful product serving a clear need in the LinkedIn ecosystem. 

But don't worry, nothing is going to change. We're committed to continuing to execute the vision of Inlytics and make it even more powerful. From the first meeting with Eugen and Tim, we felt a sincere passion for Inyltics, and we expect to carry that passion through this next phase of the journey.

What’s XO Capital?

We buy and grow small profitable software companies. We use our experience in operating software businesses to appropriately capitalize amazing products that already have existing product-market fit evidenced by a vibrant paying customer community. Check out our existing portfolio here.

XO Capital is super excited to continue building Inlytics, growing the vibrant community of LinkedIn users, and serving passionate customers from all over the world.

What’s next?

We’ve hit the ground running talking to customers, and we are starting to build out the product roadmap based on the existing feedback and development priorities. 

In the midst of the acquisition, I personally want to apologize for any delayed responses for support or sales requests over the past 7-10 days. The customer is the #1 priority, and our team is ramping quickly. Feel free to grab a 15 minute time on my calendar if you're interested.



XO and Inlytics Team


ps - You can find and read Tim's announcement of the acquisition on LinkedIn here.



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