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Connect to a single Account

How to Connect to a Single Account

Go to the "LinkedIn Accounts" page (this is the first page you see when you log in to https://app.inlytics.io/), then press "create Group/ invite people" on the top of the page. Choose the option "Connect to a Single Account" to continue. Next, you will see an input mask where you can choose if you want to give or ask to receive access to another linked inlytics Account.

Now you want to choose what kind of Tools you want to share/ get access to. In the next section, you input the email address of the person that is registered with inlytics. If you don't know it, you have to ask the person which email address he or she used to sign up to inlytics. After sending the request, the corresponding user will be notified in his inlytics dashboard.

Why are there not only groups?

We have chosen to add the option to connect to a single account because we want people to have the biggest possible flexibility when it comes to sharing your inlytics data.

With the connection to only one account, you can make a so-called "one-way-connections". That means you are able to get access to inlytics data from one person without him/ her seeing your inlytics data (perfect for you if this is a client relationship). Also, you are able to share or request access to the scheduling tool of an individual person. We have chosen to deactivate the feature in Groups since we want to reduce the risk of abuse.

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