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Choose Your inlytics Connection Type

In this article I will show you how to connect your account to LinkedIn using one of two options and what solution is right for you.

Using The Chrome Extension

This is the best option if you don't want to hand out your LinkedIn email and password. No worries here, you don't have to use Google Chrome for browsing our application. The extension only has to be installed once and will be used to reconnect your account if we lose the connection (here's how to do that).


✅ No LinkedIn credentials needed


⭕ The extension might lose the connection to LinkedIn from time to time (reconnect via one button click)

Connect Via LinkedIn Email And Password (coming soon)

This option is ideal if you do not want to reconnect your extension from time to time. This is the most reliable alternative.


✅ Most reliable option. We will very rarely lose the connection to Linkedin.


  • none

Now, What To Choose?

In the end, it does not matter with solution you choose. The extension does not require any login credentials while the login via email and password provides you with the most stability in terms of us not losing the connection.

If you don't care to manually reconnect the extension if our session expires go for this option, if saving time and not having to think about any reconnection is more important for you go with login via email and password.

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