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Frequently asked questions

In this guide, I will answer the most common questions that may arise when using our tool.

Connecting Accounts

Getting started with the connection of your inlytics account with LinkedIn.

How To Connect Your Account?

It's very easy to do. I have written a detailed guide on how to install the inlytics Chrome Extension and connect your account here.

How To Use The Chrome Extension?

The Chrome Extension will help us to connect to your LinkedIn account. You can download and install it here. After the download is done you can hit the "Connect" button within the Extension. It will automatically link your account and we can start tracking data. Remember: you will have to be logged into LinkedIn for this to work.

How To Reconnect My Account - It Shows "Error" Or "Not Connected"?

No worries here! From time to time we may lose connection with your account. This is because cookies get invalidated after some time. Just open the Chrome Extension again, hit "Connect" and you are done.

Is It Possible To Connect Multiple Accounts?

Yes, it is! This question is asked quite a lot so I have made a short Loom video with a screencast for you to watch and see how it works: Video

In a nutshell:

  • Each connection to a LinkedIn Profile will require a separate inlytics Account
  • Each inlytics account that wants to use our sharing feature like "Single Account Sharing" or "Groups" will require the Business Plan or an equivalent alternative.

Example: You manage 5 accounts. You will need to register 5 inlytics accounts set them on the Business Plan and then interlink them within the tool. How this can be done is shown here.

In case you manage more than 10 accounts, feel free to reach out to us, we will gladly help you with the setup of the accounts and also offer you a custom plan based on your needs.

I'm An Agency/ Business And Would Like To Manage Clients/ Team Members - Is That Possible?

Absolutely. We have built our tool with exactly this use-case in our mind. If you want to add multiple accounts (more than 10) please do reach out to us and let us help you with the setup. Also, if you are uncertain about anything involved in the process just write us a quit note and we will come back to you asap.

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