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5 Phenomenal Examples of LinkedIn Personal Branding

It's time to practice what we preach! Get inspired by these 5 fantastic examples of LinkedIn personal branding. From recruiters to thought influencers, apply their formulas to your brand.

Personal LinkedIn profiles are still your best option when it comes to engagement. You might need a trick or two up your sleeve if you're a recruiter

But despite our posts on the theoretical foundations of your personal branding, the theory is only one part of the equation. You need to put the things you learn into practice. 

So today, we'll show you the top 5 examples of fantastic LinkedIn personal branding!

Sonya Barlow

Founder of the Like-Minded Females Network, award-winning entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and published author Sonya Barlow aims to bring together people interested in career, community, and confidence. Her personal brand is about diversity, community, speaking out when others don’t, and empowering people to advance in their careers. 

And this shows when you look at her LinkedIn profile, where Sonya is committed to supporting her community. (In fact, she was recently featured in a recent LinkedIn TV ad.) 

Steven Bartlett

TV personality and entrepreneur Steven Bartlett might be known for taking his seat in the Dragon’s Den, but his LinkedIn profile is a perfect example of effective personal branding. In fact, several publications have named him one of the most influential individuals in social media marketing. 

He aims to help others in their entrepreneurial journeys and posts inspirational content about entrepreneurship, business, marketing, and social media. Along the way, he shares anecdotes about his own journey and commitment. 

Sho Dewan

Founder of Workhap, career coach, and talent trainer, Sho Dewan’s personal brand helps career seekers on their journey to land their dream job.

He uses his LinkedIn profile to give career advice, share his career experiences, and tell his community more about his clients’ success stories. This approach helped him get a reputation for helping his clients land their dream jobs.

Chris Walker

B2B marketing agency, Refine Labs, focuses on demand generation. It’s no wonder its CEO, Chris Walker, is active on LinkedIn. His personal brand and profile are aimed at providing valuable marketing content, whether a text post or a video. 

This has enabled Chris to grow his LinkedIn presence, from getting very little engagement to the majority of his posts getting more than 500 reactions. 

Dave Gerhardt

Dave Gerhardt is an author and the previous CMO of startups like Drift and Privy. As a result, he is very active on LinkedIn and has become known as one of the most well-known B2B marketing experts. 

As part of his personal branding on LinkedIn, he has created the Exit Five community of over 3,000 marketers, where members give advice, get feedback, and exchange ideas about what’s working in marketing and what’s not. 

Are You Ready to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn?

We hope you're feeling inspired to grow your LinkedIn brand! Just make sure you have the right LinkedIn analytics tools for your personal profile, so you always know what your audience needs to hear.

We’re all rooting for you!


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