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LinkedIn Company Page vs Personal Profile: Which One Should You Use in 2022?

Have you ever led a meaningful conversation with a company page on LinkedIn? Exactly. Discover the key differences between LinkedIn company page vs personal profile and decide on the best option for your business.

LinkedIn Company Page vs Personal Profile: Which One Should You Use in 2022?


Have you ever led a meaningful conversation with a brand on LinkedIn? In most cases, we only follow company pages when someone invites us. The metrics show it: employee-shared posts get 561% higher reach than corporate posts.


But LinkedIn company pages are not without their benefits. So, today, we’ll look at the key differences between using a LinkedIn company page vs. a personal profile and show you how to use both to increase your revenue. 


1. Use LinkedIn Personal Profiles for Organic Lead Generation


If you’re in B2B, forget everything you’ve learned. As Manca Korelc, a LinkedIn trainer, explains:


“Business is all about people. Think of LinkedIn as a giant networking event, when people meet and talk to each other. You do not see logos, walking around with coffee in their hands, right?”


Even in B2B, you’re a person selling to other people. 


Whenever we talk about the benefits of person-led social media presences, we think of Peep Laja and CXL. CXL has a fantastic LinkedIn content mix, but it wouldn’t reach as many people if it wasn’t for Laja, the founder, who amplifies it.

Peep Laja's LinkedIn profile

If you use your company page to promote branded content, encourage your teams to add their personal stories and experiences relating to that content.


This has significant employee advocacy benefits but also brings prospects closer to your company ethos. They know your mission statement, but your team’s personal profiles show them how you put your mission to practice.



2. Use LinkedIn Company Pages to Recruit and Advertise


We’re not saying you should throw company pages out the window. They come in handy:


  • Advertise to top talent
  • Run orchestrated lead generation and prospecting campaigns
  • Amplify your and your employees’ content through awareness ads


But even with sponsored conversation ads, you’ll be putting a name to a face:


sponsored linkedin ads


3. Bridge the Analytics Gap to Make Your LinkedIn Company Page & Personal Profiles Work


Company pages offer decent analytics, but personal profiles are lacking. 

If you’re tired of calculating your personal profile LinkedIn engagement with a formula, try an analytics tool.


inlytics personal profile analytics

We developed Inlytics with personal profile analytics in mind.


You’ll be able to track and monitor:


  • Standard metrics: impressions, reactions, shares, comments, engagement rate
  • Historic metrics
  • Top posts
  • Content performance timeline
  • Enhanced profile statistics: profile scoring, recommendations, connections, followers, and more!


Plus - AI-driven tool tips and performance recommendations. All packaged into a neat dashboard! 


If you’re familiar with most analytics tools, you’ll get your Inlytics account set up in minutes. Then, easily track and strengthen your LinkedIn performance.



Recap: Benefits of Personal Profiles vs. LinkedIn Company Pages


Use Your Personal Profile to:


  • Share and amplify your company page content
  • Connect and talk with prospects and customers
  • Send personal messages
  • Post original content


Use Your LinkedIn Company Page to:

  • Run paid ads
  • Post branded content
  • Increase your credibility

 If you’re ready to do more business through LinkedIn, start measuring your personal profile data free with Inlytics.


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