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How To Schedule Posts On LinkedIn | Complete Guide

Planning and publishing content for LinkedIn can be hard. Here's how you automatically schedule posts for your personal and company profile.

Planning and scheduling content on LinkedIn is painful. Why is there no option to plan content and publish it later?

Well, there is.

At least when you look around for some bit you will find tools that help you to do that.

I will show you different ways to schedule and publish your posts on LinkedIn. Both for personal accounts and company profiles.

Use Inlytics To Schedule Content On LinkedIn (Free)

Yes, you can use our tool to do that - for free. Here's how to do that:

  1. Create a free Accounts (Free Account)
  2. Navigate to "Schedule"
  3. Click the button on the top right side (schedule post) or somewhere in the calendar
  4. Preview your post and choose: **A) "Post automatically" or B) "Email Notification"
  5. Save and Schedule content
  6. Your planned post will now show up on the left side (sidebar)

inlytics LinkedIn Analytics Tool with post scheduling feature

That's basically it. You can edit your posts by clicking on them in the calendar or in the sidebar. If you want to publish more than 3 posts per month you may consider our solo plan (pricing).

**The difference is that you can let the post be automatically published or else set that we send you a notification for you to post it for yourself. It's up to you.

inlytics LinkedIn Analytics Tool with post scheduling popup

Please: We build this tool based on your feedback and like to listen to what you need. At all times, feel free to reach out to us and share your thoughts.

Schedule Content For Personal Accounts & Company Sites (Tools)

As described above you can use inlytics to schedule content for your personal account. Plus, on top you get a free LinkedIn Analytics Suite.

However, if you need to schedule posts for your personal account AND your company page you might consider one of the following options:

(We are working on content scheduling for company pages and will launch it soon)


Is a free content scheduling tool. You can use it to post content on LinkedIn. The downside is that it does not allow you to analyze your content and is only for purists who need exactly that - a plain scheduling tool (Feb. 2021).


Well known and often referred to. But not free. Hootsuite is a well-rounded tool for doing various things including analyzing posts - BUT. keep in mind that it does not allow you to analyze the content you post on your personal account.

That makes it less helpful for you guys that try to find out what works when it comes to posting for your personal brand.


It has a pretty nice UI and is easy to use. Also free to get started. Same as for Hootsuite: Posting is possible but seeing what works based on your personal stats is not.

Buffer content scheduling tool for linkedin

Is There A Way To Pre-Schedule Content On LinkedIn Natively?

As for now, you cannot plan content on LinkedIn itself to publish it later. That's being said, you can also use alternatives to pre-plan your content before posting.

Before building inlytics, I used Notion a lot. It's good if you want to collect ideas and write first drafts.

notion tool for planning linkedin content and posts

We plan to implement a feature like that where you can draft content before scheduling.

Here's a sneaky picky screenshot of our work in progress. What do you think (Write me on LinkedIn)?

inlytics LinkedIn Analytics draft for content planning

Conclusion - How To Approach Content Planning And Publishing For LinkedIn

If you need a simple and clean Tool to schedule posts for your personal LinkedIn Account I like to refer to our Tool: (biased)

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend some money (around 40$-100$) and need to plan content for your company as well as your personal account - then go with Hootsuite.

How to auto post on LinkedIn?

When you schedule a post in inlytics then you can simply choose "Post Automatically". Otherwise, choose "Email Notification" then you will receive a mail with the details of your planed post to copy and past on LinkedIn.

Is it true that scheduled content on LinkedIn get's less reach and impressions?

Many report that content may get less attention from LinkedIn because it is scheduled over the API and not directly on LinkedIn. While we from inlytics cannot prove that (very hard to statistically split test that), we did not find any major performance decreases based on historic data from hundreds of accounts.



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