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10 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile In 2022

Boost your visibility on LinkedIn by following these SEO tips. Optimize your profile and grow your influence.

Let's have a look at how to get an outstanding first impression by optimizing your personal LinkedIn profile. You learn how to set up your profile SEO therefore be more visible on LinkedIn.

We get started with a brief introduction in why to optimize your profile appearance matters:

Why You Should Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

✔️You will get more search appearances therefore be more visible by potential customers/ clients

✔️You get more contact requests

✔️It will be exponentially more likely that you will be found by recruiters who can offer you a great job opportunity

✔️It's good for your personal brand to be visible

✔️People will see you as an expert because your profile is professional looking and relevant

✔️Ultimately for salespeople and experts: You get more clients

A Brief Guide To LinkedIn SEO And Profile Optimization

To get started with LinkedIn SEO I have prepared a few important categories, which I think are particularly relevant when it comes to visibility on LinkedIn. Let's get started:

1. Identify Keywords You Want To Be Visible For 

When it comes to keywords it's important for you to know what you want to rank for.

For example: if you are a salesperson or freelancer aiming to get new clients, make sure you include keywords in your profile that your prospects might be searching for (also consider using hashtags in your profile). Here is an excellent example of great keyword visibility from a person that knows how to position himself in the spotlights of the LinkedIn search:

Linkedin Search Field searching for SEO
This profile is well optimized for the LinkedIn search

Optimized Linkedin Profile with over 62 keywords
The Keyword "SEO" is found 62 times on this site

To find Keywords that people might be searching for, think of what comes into your mind when you face the same challenges as they do. Another great way to find keywords is by asking your current clients or search on Google.

Your profile should include your company & product name and variations of keywords that are highly relevant to your product or service. Make sure you include them as often as you can without doing extensive Keyword stuffing.

While it may still work today, chances are high that LinkedIn will change the way the search works and you have a disadvantage then. Just like in the early days with the Google search.

2. Optimize Your Linkedin Profile Headline 

The optimal headline is on point and shows what you do and what you can do for people. You have 120 characters to get very precise about who you are and what you offer.

✅ A great example is this:

A example of a well optimized Linkedin profile headline and description
A good profile headline which contains a clear benefit

❌ Avoid sentences like this: "I help CEOs of companies with more than 25 employees to..."

Why? Because these days everybody wants to be ultra-specific and relevant towards one customer segment.

While this is not bad, some people just gonna make this extremely awkward by trying to sales pitch in every sentence. Most people are just annoyed by this kind of people - including me. Don't be like this. Also it doesn't hurt to include your most important keyword in the headline.

If you want to see examples of outstanding LinkedIn Headlines, click the link.

3. Write A Helpful Profile Summary 

To explain in detail who you are and what you do you have a 2,000 character limit. A helpful description includes:

  • a good overview of who you are
  • what you can do for potential clients
  • wether you are open to connect or not
  • if you are a salesperson: contact information such as mail or phone
  • a clear call to action

4. Grow Your Network By Posting Relevant Content 

While this is not going to directly influence your LinkedIn profile appearance it raises thechance to get noticed by potential clients. So go ahead and produce visibility by posting content regularly. To grow your LinkedIn Network you have to find out what content works for you. inlytics gives you detailed insights about:

  • Who watches your content
  • What kind of content works best for you
  • You see the correlation of impressions/ comments/ likes/ shares in real-time across all your posts and articles (real-time analytics).

A Linkedin Analytics Tool to improve content performance
LinkedIn Analytics Tool (inlytics) to see which content performs the best

See which people view your LinkedIn profile by company and job position
Detail view of people viewing your content by: 1. company and 2. job position

To get your LinkedIn game up and running, sign up for our free LinkedIn Analytics & Post Scheduling Tool.

5. Fill Your Skills Section 

You can add up to 25 different skills in your profile. Again: Include your most important SEO keywords in here.

6. Request Recommendations From Connections 

If you see a profile that is packed full of real and positive recommendations about the person and his/her work this adds massive trust. You can use this feature to your advantage: Go and asks clients and colleagues to give you recommendations. It will be worth it.

7. Optimize Your LinkedIn Resume 

This one is simple. Include all the work and jobs you have had so far. Make sure that you include what you did there and what skills you developed in the process. It's a good way to notice references to certain skills, for example: "I was working on a project to include AI into an existing..."

8. The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Photo 

Your profile image is one of your most important assets. Make sure that it leaves a positive first impression. To get an optimized LinkedIn profile image you should follow these tips:

  • Be the only person in the image
  • Have a solid background that doesn't distract
  • Match your background with your profile header
  • Your face should be at least 60% of the image
  • The facial expressions count more than you might think
  • Be aware of the Light: Soft, natural light is good
  • Wear clothes that are authentic and represent you
  • Only use high quality (HD) images

If you are unsure whether your profile photo is good enough, you can use Photofeeler to get real peoples feedback on your photo. The process usually takes a few hours and you should get a pretty good understanding of the quality of the image. By the way, the tool is free to use.

LinkedIn profile image optimization with a 3th party tool
Use Photofeeler to get feedback on your photo

9. Have A Branded LinkedIn Header/Banner 

You can create free LinkedIn Banners by yourself or use a tool like canva to create a banner in minutes. The optimal banner size is currently at: 1400 x 425 pixels. Make sure you put in as few words as possible. Be precise about your value proposition and maybe include a call to action.

10. Use A Custom URL For Your Profile 

This one is simple: I have written a guide on how to set up a custom URL on your Linkedin profile: LINK. Check it out.

You will find plenty more tips and tricks in our inlytics Dashboard. Go ahead and take a peek - it's free to get started.

Maximum LinkedIn Character Lenght

For good measure I have prepared all the frequently asked character limitations of LinkedIn.

The lengths for all input fields:

  • Profile Name Lenght: First Name: 20 characters, Last Name: 40 characters.
  • Profile Headline Lenght: 120 characters
  • Summary Lenght: 2,000 characters
  • Recommendations: 3,000 characters
  • Website URL: 256 characters



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