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Audiences in inlytics

This feature is not yet launched but be expected to go live soon!


The purpose of Audiences is to show you personalized insights.  

Think of it this way: In our database we have dozens of entries from hundreds of thousands of posts published on LinkedIn. We want to make this knowledge available to all users by giving you the opportunity to tell us who you want to reach on LinkedIn.

We search for correlations in our database based on your input and show them to you in the form of predictions.

At the moment it is possible to see the best time to post. In the future, we may add more factors to this feature, such as content format, hashtags and so on.

How To Create An Audience?

Target audience feature within inlytics

In your personal settings you can create target audiences. If and how many you can create depends on your plan level.

Once a target group is created, it can't be edited and will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours to become available. You can see that your target group is available by selecting it in the scheduling tool.

If you delete a target group, the slot will be blocked for 30 days. The reason for this is to prevent the automatic reading of our database.

How To Select An Target Audience?

In your scheduling tool you can select the audience for which we should display insights (see screenshot). You are able to toggle on and off the switch to display insights.

LinkedIn content scheduling tool with audience insights

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