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How to install your inlytics mac app

So you are wondering if you can get a inlytics mac app to show on your navigation? Well we are happy to announce that you can!

Here is how to to it:

  1. Download the Zip of the mac app
  2. Install it
  3. Launch it

Download the zip file

Here you can download the latest version.

download the inlytics mac app

After that we move on to installing the app to your mac application folder.

Install & launch the app

To install the app on your mac go ahead and decompress the zip file. To do that you just need to double tap on the zip folder. As soon as the inlytics icon appears you should be ready to launch the application.

inlytics mac app in finder (mac)

Now you are able switch between tabs using "CMD" +"TAB" and get to the inlytics app quickly. Have fun!

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