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How to add a link to your LinkedIn profile

Add a custom description to your website link

In order to make profile visitors aware of your offer, it is useful to provide a link to your own website.

Enclosed you will find instructions on how to do this, as well as a hint to not only display a standard link text such as "Blog" or "Website", but also your own URL, which is also visible. To get started go to “contact info” in the header of your profile, click on the pen icon and choose "add website".

Pro Tip: by default the text that shows in your profile is the a dull “Blog” or “Website.” You can customize that by selecting the “other” option. you can add your own website title and URL.

LinkedIn Profile contact information
First: Go to your profile and choose "Contact Info"

Edit pen icon LinkedIn profile
Navigate to the "pen" icon

edit website link on Linkedin profile
Choose "add website"

right and wrong - with custom text and without
The difference between the standard implementation and the implementation with custom text.

Up next: If you want to know how to find and customize your LinkedIn url click here.

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