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Best Practices For Business Marketing on LinkedIn

Don't just cold-pitch. There are smarter ways to get more sales for your business through LinkedIn! Discover how to ace business marketing on LinkedIn in our guide!

It’s no secret that LinkedIn can be a very effective tool for an overall digital marketing strategy. The problem is that many businesses use it wrong.

As Dennis Koutoudis, the founder of LinkedInSuperPowers best puts it: 

So many people believe that LinkedIn is a place to sell, and immediately shoot pitches to people they have just met.

When you try to sell something to prospects when you’ve just connected on LinkedIn, you scare them off. The world’s leading B2B network is all about helping through consultative selling.

You’ll have more organic conversations and engagement that lead to lasting relationships. However, that’s not the only tip we’re sharing with you today! Read on to learn the best practices for promoting your business on LinkedIn.  

Personal Profiles is Where Engagement Lies

When we say “marketing your business on LinkedIn,” the first thing that you think of is focusing on your company page. Sure, your company page is important, but when it comes to engagement, personal profiles still lead the pack.

With your and your team’s personal profiles, you can send personal(ized) connection requests and messages, get endorsements and engage with customers one-on-one.

Ensure your profile is optimized, and get inspired by the best examples of personal LinkedIn profiles used to market businesses.

People prefer interacting with actual people instead of companies.

Use the Right Content

Create compelling content that generates engagement and makes people stay on your page, so share your:

  • Experiences
  • Opinions
  • Perspective on industry-related trends 

Rather than parroting existing content, demonstrate your unique value proposition. What do you and your business bring to the table?


Show your prospects that you understand their industry, and your value will grow tenfold!

Engage With High-Value Prospects

When marketing your business on LinkedIn, you’ll almost always want to focus on high-value prospects. 

Since creating and nurturing a relationship on LinkedIn takes time, don’t spread yourself too thin trying to capture unqualified or low-quality leads.

When engaging with high-value prospects, remember that it’s a two-way street

Engage with their content authentically, and they’ll do the same with yours.

This way, you’ll get a sense of their challenges and goals, so when the time comes for you to mention your product, it won’t sound like a pitch. It’ll sound like great advice!

Use Lead Magnets

While LinkedIn is especially effective at creating engagement and, ultimately, building relationships, at some stage, you will want to move prospects off the platform and onto your mailing list. 

(This is especially crucial when you consider that email marketing is 5x more likely to be seen than social media ads.)

The most effective way to do this is by using lead magnets, valuable resources your prospects will want to get in exchange for their email address.

Assessments are always a hit!


When you share your lead magnet, clarify:

  • What you’re offering
  • Why your audience needs it
  • What they need to do to get it

... all within the first few seconds of reading.

As Allan Dib of the Rebellious Marketer recommends:

“Start with the bribe. What is the biggest outcome that you can give your prospects? Is it to lose weight, double their sales, find great talent? Whatever it is, the bribe needs to compel them to act. [Then, tell the story.] Get them to picture what the possibility of change could bring about.”

Analyze Engagement and Double Down on What Works

You need to generate as much engagement as possible to promote your business on LinkedIn effectively. 

In other words, you want to create and share effective content.

This is where analytics allows you to analyze your engagement levels per post. You’ll get the insights you need to understand what content resonates most with your audience.

Once you know which content types and topics do the trick, simply create more of it! 

Get the LinkedIn Insights You Need

Without effective analytics, every new LinkedIn post is a shot in the dark.

If you want access to analytics that shows you how to get even more prospects through LinkedIn, try Inlytics.


Inlytics specializes in strategic insights for LinkedIn personal profiles, so you increase engagement and build lasting, valuable relationships.

Are you ready to take the first step?
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