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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Attractive to Recruiters

You can't impress a recruiter with a garden variety LinkedIn profile. Check out our expert advice and land that dream job!

While LinkedIn is an excellent networking tool, it can also be invaluable in making recruiters spot you and helping you land your dream job. So, just like you’d update your resume, you should also make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and stands out from the crowd. 

This post will show you the steps you can follow to make your LinkedIn attractive to recruiters. 

Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Get the First Impressions Right

The expression, first impressions last, is just as true for your LinkedIn profile as it is for any other interaction you have with a recruiter. So, you should make sure you get it right. To do this, you should:

  • Use the right profile picture. Think about it, your profile picture is how recruiters are introduced to you. A recent study on the connection between your LinkedIn profile picture and hireability found that 80% of recruiters find that your picture helps them connect with you. Make sure it’s recent, that your face makes up most of the picture, that you dress appropriately, and, most importantly, that it’s professionally taken.
  • Write a descriptive headline. Rather than just stating your position, go one step further and write a descriptive headline that outlines your industry and expertise. Showcase your passion for the career or emphasize your key achievements.
  • Maximize your summary. It’s obvious that you should include a summary. However, you should also maximize it by writing a standalone description of who you are and what you do. The best way to describe it is that recruiters should want to contact you after just reading your summary alone. 

example of a great linkedin profile description

Step 2: Show What You’ve Done

Next up is your experience section. Here, you should list all the jobs on your resume in your experience section. While you don’t have to provide as much detail about every job as you do in your resume, you should describe what you did and what you accomplished in every position you’ve held. 

Your experience section proves that you have a track record, immediately making you more interesting to recruiters.

Step 3: Show off Those Skills!

Showcasing your skills is one of the easiest things you can do on LinkedIn. You just need to scroll through the list of skills and find those most relevant to you. Yet, despite the simplicity, beefing up your skills section can have a significant payoff. 

For one, it gives more detail about the skills and expertise you’ve set out in your headline and summary. Also, listing your skills gives others the ability to endorse your skills. Take care, however, to not go overboard and rather list only those skills relevant to the position you’re aiming for. 

Linkedin skill endorsement example

Step 4: Be Consistent

Finally, you should be consistent in updating and refreshing your profile. Besides building your personal brand on LinkedIn, it also shows that you stay updated on industry trends. Lifelong learning is the new standard; show recruiters that you’ll keep growing.

Use the Right Tool to Understand How Recruiters See Your LinkedIn Profile

Now, if you do everything we mentioned right, how do you know if your profile is performing as it should? This is where Inlytics comes in. 

It provides deeper insights into your profile’s performance and gives you detailed profile recommendations, so you can see how well your profile is optimized. Standard LinkedIn personal profile analytics don’t offer much - Inlytics shows you everything you need to succeed.

To see how Inlytics can help you make your LinkedIn profile as appealing as possible, get started for free today. 


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