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The LinkedIn Optimization Tool You Have Been Waiting For is the perfect LinkedIn optimization tool to increase content performance, find posts that work, and analyze and optimize your profile appearance.

You probably found this post because you are looking for a tool to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and/ or content.

Before we take a look at which tool is suitable, it is important to know the advantages of an optimized profile:

  • Your profile will be found for relevant keywords (LinkedIn SEO)
  • Your chance of finding a job through LinkedIn increases dramatically
  • You get more contact requests
  • Your profile looks more serious, which increases your chances of closing deals

LinkedIn Profile Analytics Tool

We start with the optimization of your personal profile by a third-party tool called inlytics.

To do so, we first look at the metrics LinkedIn provides us with for our profile

  • Profile Views
    How often people have visited your profile
  • Search Appearances
    How often you appeared in the search for certain keywords within a week
  • Connections
    The current number of your contacts
  • Followers
    The number of your followers
  • Following
    How many people you follow

Depending on the goal you are pursuing on LinkedIn, it is now time to optimize these metrics. 

The first step is to look at the numbers at a regular to understand how they behave and are related to each other.

By far the easiest way is to use a tool like for this task.

inlytics LinkedIn Profile Dashboard showing profile visitors
Get a clear picture of how your profile develops over time

Soon you will develop a clear picture of how your metrics act. A good position to start ist by testing things, right?

At this point it should be mentioned that with inlytics you can create exactly these tests by taking notes about changes and checking them later.

For example, you can optimize your profile with relevant keywords to increase your search appearance and profile views.

You can check the result a few weeks later by viewing historical records.

Notfield in inlytics: Add notes to your experiment

Analyze Content Performance

Another important part of your LinkedIn optimization strategy is to analyze your content and make optimizations based on your key-findings.

We also have different metrics here, you can optimize your content for:

  • Post impressions
    The number of impressions your post has generated
  • Reactions
    The amount of  people that have responded to your post with likes
  • Comments
    The number of comments under your post (your comments are counted)
  • Engagement rate
    Is calculated from the sum of reactions & comments divided by the number of impressions

For this purpose you have a unique heatmap view in inlytics, which will show you the posts with the best performance.

Heatmap of LinkedIn posts
Easily detect patterns in your content

But what does performance actually mean in this context?

Many people measure the success of a post or article solely in terms of the achieved reach. Personally, I think the engagement rate is more important.

What do I receive out of a post with lots of impressions without any interaction worth mentioning? Depending on your preferences you can filter your content and find out what works for you in seconds.

Filter content table
Filter through your content in seconds

That's not all. To really understand what makes your content successful, it's important to understand the characteristics of each post.

For this purpose provides you with a useful detailed view.

LinkedIn Post Statistik 1: Impressions, Reactions, Comments and the Engagement rate
Overall (single) post statistics in

LinkedIn Post Statistik 2: Timeline of the content performance
Timeline of your content

LinkedIn Post Statistik 3: People viewing your Content by company
People viewing your content by company

LinkedIn Post Statistik 4: People viewing your Content by job position
People viewing your content by job position

LinkedIn Post Statistik 3: People viewing your Content by region
People viewing your content by region

With this powerful weapon you should be able to improve your metrics in the long run. So nothing stands in the way of your LinkedIn optimization with one tool.

LinkedIn Post Scheduling Tool

Like the cherry on the cake inlytics provides you with a function to prepare posts and post them at a defined time.

You can use this feature for your personal LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn post scheduling software
Schedule posts on LinkedIn with

The tool is just out in alpha and will be added with more features like:

  • publish the first comment after the post
  • hashtag analytics
  • Company page post scheduling
  • and more...



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