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LinkedIn Premium Analytics - All Plans In Comparison

Want to know if LinkedIn Premium is right for you? I show you all the differences between the plans and give you 1 tip that might surprise you...

You want more Insights into your LinkedIn Data.

Got it. In this article, I show you how LinkedIn's paid plans look in comparison to the standard Free-Plan.

I will also introduce you to 1 viable LinkedIn Analytics alternative to get started for free.

LinkedIn Profile Views (Visitor Analytics)

When you view your LinkedIn profile stats on the free plan they will look something like that:

LinkedIn Analytics Profile View Free Plan

When you upgrade your LinkedIn Account to "Premium" or in my case to the Sales Navigator Pro, your screen will look like this:

LinkedIn Analytics Profile View Premium Plan

The difference is that you can now see a chart of your historic profile views of the past 90 days. Also, you see who exactly viewed your profile. That's about it.

LinkedIn Analytics personal profiles inlytics

With a Free inlytics Account you can see the same stats (even more data history and a little more granular) as on the Premium or Sales Navigator Plan.

LinkedIn Content Statistics

Many people wish that LinkedIn would offer more insights into how to improve content performance.

On the Free-Plan LinkedIn shows you this overview page of your content data.

LinkedIn native post analytics feature for normal and premium plan

When you upgrade to the Sales Navigator Plan the statistics will stay the same.

You can see the following stats regardless of your plan:

  • Amount of Impressions (Content views)
  • Amount of Reactions
  • Amount of Comments

Also, you will see the Top 8 of:

  • People viewing your content by company
  • People viewing your content by Job title
  • People viewing your content by Region

inlytics for example will provide additional insights like the amount of shares and a visualization of the correlation between your content stats (Impressions, Reactions Comments, and Shares)

LinkedIn content analytics dashboard with audience insights for posts
chart showing Audience insights for people viewing your content and the region they are coming from

LinkedIn Business Page Analytics

Ok, are there differences in the Analytics Page when I view my company stats?

Not at all.

You will see the same Insights as on the Free Plan.

Visitor analytics on LinkedIn Dashboard showing charts and figures

LinkedIn Social Selling Index

You may be expecting more analytical Insights in LinkedIns dedicated "Selling Dashboard".

But the insights are the same.

LinkedIn's social selling dashboard

I have written a detailed Guide about LinkedIn's Social Selling Index (SSI) - go check it out.

Conclusion: Are LinkedIn's Paid Plans Worth Their Money?

When you use their functionalities (for enhanced search and Lead generation) they offer a reasonable value for what they charge.

When we talk about their very modest Content Analytics Insights they provide with paid plans, my personal opinion is that it's not worth upgrading.

We build inlytics because we want to democratize LinkedIn Analytics in a way that everybody can use our tool without being a data geek.

So if you want to increase your content performance based on fact's I recommend checking out our Free-Plan to get started (no credit card required).

Plan comparison LinkedIn



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