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The Complete Guide to Making the Most of Your Inlytics Account [Tutorial]

Discover everything you can do with your Inlytics account to grow your audience, establish your brand, and post the most compelling content. Dive in with our experts!

There’s no denying the fact that LinkedIn is a dynamic platform—what works today might not be very relevant tomorrow!

Fret not—you have your Inlytics account to keep you updated with the new trends. 

When used to its maximum potential, your Inlytics account can help you pivot your LinkedIn content strategy and stay one step ahead of your competition. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through the step-by-step process of using Inlytics to analyze your LinkedIn content performance and make your profile a lead-generating and follower-attracting machine!

Let’s dive in!

1. LinkedIn Analytics Tool: Unwrap Every Insight with Data Deep-Dive

Most analytics tools lack a detailed breakdown of a personal LinkedIn profile—the majority only offer insights into a company page. Those that offer insights on personal LinkedIn profiles don’t have the option to schedule posts or know the ideal time to post for each profile. 

That’s where Inlytics cuts through the noise: 

  • You can get deep insights into your personal LinkedIn profile and content strategy
  • You can schedule posts right from Inlytics
  • See detailed and insightful stats about your account
  • Keep track of the most important KPIs for your growth

And speaking of metrics… 


When you open your Inlytics premium account, Inlytics will have pulled your historical data on the home page. Inlytics usually refreshes this data in real-time (30 minutes or so) and helps you visualize your LinkedIn account’s performance at a glance. 

analyze linkedin personal profile metrics with inlytics

Note: You cannot see the data on the curve from before you even connected your account to Inlytics. As you use Inlytics, it’ll continue to keep track of data, so you see historical insights.

Metrics You See On The Dashboard 

Post Impressions: Indicates how many people have checked out your content on average in a specific timeframe. 

Reactions: Indicates how often people have reacted to your posts on average in a specific timeframe. 

Comments: Indicates how often people have commented on your posts on an average in a specific timeframe. 

Engagement rate: This premium feature is available in solo and business plans. It indicates the percentage of people (average) who’ve interacted with your posts in a specific timeframe. 

Top posts: Shows your best-performing posts, sorted by their engagement rate.

analyze linkedin personal profile metrics with inlytics

Tool tips: Inlytics will also share some tips from time to time to help you get the best out of Inlytics and LinkedIn:


AI suggestions for linkedin profile enhancement

Performance recommendations: This feature is currently in the alpha stage and available only to business plans. Based on your content performance, it offers guidance on how to do better. 

Key Takeaways From These Metrics

  • By observing your profile's overall engagement (views, comments, and reactions), you can analyze how your content performed in a particular month. 
  • Then, focus on what you did differently that month—in terms of posting time, content pillars, content format, hashtags, and more. 
  • What worked? What didn’t?
  • By looking at your top-performing posts, you’ll understand what your audience loves the most about your content. 
  • Based on that, you can plan on scaling or increasing the frequency of that particular format, pillar, and type of post in your content strategy.
  • It’s always a good idea to learn while you implement—and Inlytics’ tool tips help you discover the tool steadily as you optimize. 
  • Learn and implement one tip at a time and get the most out of Inlytics. 

Decypher Your Content Performance

In the dashboard, you’ll find 2 types of data visualized in the graphical and heatmap form:

  1. The aggregated stats show your overall post impressions, comments, and engagement over time.
  2. Stats for each individual post from your account.
linkedin post analytics with inlytics

Scroll down a little bit, and you’ll see insights from your historic content data presented in heatmap form. 

This information is much more detailed than your usual LinkedIn content analytics. 

Metrics You See Per Post

Historic Post Impression: Indicates the total number of people who have checked out your content. By clicking on ‘details,’ you’ll see how your post impressions have developed over a specific timeframe. 

Historic Reactions: Indicates how your posts' reactions have changed/developed over a specific timeframe. 

Historic Comments: Indicates how your post comments correlate with other post metrics over a specific timeframe.

Historic Rate Per Post: This helps you monitor your engagement rate per post over a specific timeframe. 

Content Timeline: A visual representation of your content metrics showing at what time you got the most impressions, likes, and comments on your posts. This helps you study the trends for all your content pieces and plan a more suitable timeline to publish your posts or schedule them. 

analyze linkedin personal profile metrics with inlytics

Key Takeaways From These Metrics

linkedin analytics for personal profiles with inlytics

For each post, click on ‘details’ to get more insights on how the post is performing throughout the day or week. Just hover your mouse pointer over the graph, and you’ll see the exact performance at a given timeframe. 

linkedin personal profile analytics

Additionally, you can check out who is viewing your posts to understand which audience segments love your posts the most. You’ll see a breakdown by:

  • Company
  • Job role
  • Region
  • Country

Advanced Profile Stats

The profile section in your Inlytics account dashboard helps you get detailed insights into your profile activity:

advanced linkedin profile statistics with inlytics

These stats help you improve your LinkedIn profile, become more visible to your target audience, and form better connections on LinkedIn. 

Metrics For Your LinkedIn Profile

Profile Recommendations: Inlytics has an integrated feature that lets you know how optimized your LinkedIn profile is and which actions you can take to improve it even more.

optimize your linkedin profile with inlytics

Profile Score: Inlytics calculates this score based on the categories you select. The more you optimize your profile, the higher the score. 

Think of it as an enhanced LinkedIn SSI score.

👉 Learn more:
linkedin profile optimization score with inlytics

Profile Views: Indicates the number of visitors your profile had in the last 90 days. 

Search Appearances: Indicates the number of times your profile appeared when someone searched for a keyword. It shows the stats from the last week. 

linkedin personal profile analytics

Connections: Indicates the total number of connections you currently have and how that metric has changed over time—whether the number has remained the same, increased, or decreased. 

New Connections: This shows the total number of new connections you’ve made in the last 90 days. 

Followers: The total number of followers you currently have and how that number has changed/varied over time. 

Note: Your connection count doesn’t necessarily need to be the same as your follower count, especially if you use the Creator Mode.

Following: The number of accounts you’re following on LinkedIn and how that number has changed over time. 

Connections Chart: A feature available to solo and business plans—it helps you identify trends in the way your number of connections has increased or decreased over time. 

Follower and Following Chart: This metric helps you identify how your follower and following numbers have progressed over time and the trend they’ve followed. This is also available to solo and business plan users only. 

Key Takeaways From These Metrics

  • By observing your connection and followers' trend, you can deduce which factors have led to the increase or decrease in the count.
  • Perhaps your content didn’t appeal to them, your quality started degrading, or your content wasn’t relatable enough.
  • Identify when your follower or connection count started increasing or decreasing—check the exact date and compare this with your content performance
  • Notice if you see any correlation between the both—for example, the day you tried a new content form, you gained 100 new followers. 
  • This means that a particular strategy worked wonders for you, and you should replicate it in your future content. 

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2. LinkedIn Scheduling Tool 

Besides analytics for your LinkedIn account, Inlytics also offers a scheduling feature that helps you publish your post at the right time for your audience. 

Inlytics analyzes patterns from your content and profile stats and observes the kind of connections and followers you currently have and the times when your posts got the most impressions. 

Based on these findings, Inlytics helps you choose the perfect slot for posting content to gain maximum visibility

Creating an Audience in Inlytics for More Precise Scheduling

To get more specific insights about the best posting timeframe, Inlytics recommends creating an audience

When you log in to your Inlytics account, the first page you’ll see after login has the option to create an audience.

create an audience on linkedin profile analytics with inlytics

To create an audience, enter a suitable name, select the region you’re targeting the audience from, and their job profiles. 

This way, Inlytics will be spot-on with its recommendations about the ideal posting time based on where your audience is located and when they’re likely to use LinkedIn per their work routines. 

Plan Your Post Using Inlytics Calendar

The dashboard for the Inlytics scheduler first shows a calendar on top, highlighting the ideal posting time.

personal profile linkedin post scheduler

Schedule Your Posts

As you schedule your post, you’ll be able to see a preview of your post to double-check the formatting and graphic placement. 

schedule your linkedin posts with inlytics

Now, you can schedule your post automatically, where you only need to create the post, and Inlytics takes care of the rest. 

Alternatively, you can choose to be notified by Inlytics instead, where the platform sends notifications about the ideal time for posting throughout the day, and you publish your posts manually.

Note: Despite many complaints about third-party schedulers’ decreasing post reach, Inlytics users have never faced such issues.

Get Notified

When I say Inlytics takes care of everything, I mean it. 

When it publishes your post on your account, you’ll get an email notification. This is great for ensuring you’re right there in the next hour or so, engaging with the people in the comments and building relationships.

3. Which Businesses Does Inlytics Work Well for?

Inlytics is loved by a variety of businesses and individuals, including:

  • Agencies
  • Personal brands
  • Recruiters
  • Marketers
  • Sales reps
  • Coaches
  • Businesses (Small, medium, and large)

Reporting Is Now Easier

The LinkedIn Analytics tool has helped businesses save hours of manual intervention of traversing through multiple LinkedIn posts, extracting stats for each post, and transferring all that data into a spreadsheet.

Inlytics has streamlined the reporting process for businesses, helping them focus on the most crucial aspect of LinkedIn branding—content creation!

inlytics review

Ease of Use

Inlytics’ users find it intuitive and easy to use and navigate. They love its interface and find its reports easy to access. Anyone with a working knowledge of LinkedIn can use Inlytics to extract even more insights and act on them ASAP.

inlytics review

Analytics for Personal Accounts

One thing that differentiates Inlytics from other analytics tools in the market is that it offers analytics on your personal account—not just the business page. 

This is beneficial for even personal accounts, students, solopreneurs, and employees who wish to build their personal brand on the platform without worrying about spending hours figuring out their content and profile performance. 

inlytics review

Awesome-ify Your LinkedIn Content Today!

Inlytics has got your back—whether you’re a recruiter aiming to source candidates for your next recruitment drive, a student looking to score an internship at your dream company, or an entrepreneur trying to win more business or be seen as a thought leader in your industry. 

It eliminates the guesswork from LinkedIn content analysis and provides detailed insights into your content performance. You get all your LinkedIn data in one place and analyze essential metrics faster.

With Inlytics, you can:

  • Increase your post engagement
  • Analyze your profile performance
  • Schedule posts to get the maximum traction

All of that within one platform!

The best part? You can scale as you grow. 

Level up your LinkedIn content creation game today! 


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