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LinkedIn Engagement Rate Guide & Calculator

With this simple guide and tool, you can calculate your LinkedIn Engagement Rate. This tool is perfect for your post or article and completely free. If you want to do all of that automated, check out our LinkedIn Analytics tool.

What You Can Find Out Using This Calculator-Tool:

✔️Your Post Engagement-Rate

✔️The Engagement Rate of your LinkedIn Company Page

How Is LinkedIn's Engagement Rate Calculated?

If you want to know how you can calculate the Engagement Rate on your own, or you are just curious about how it is done, have a look at the formula below.

The Formula

The calculation of LinkedIn's Engagement Rate is simple. You will need the following stats out of your dashboard:

➡️Post impressions

➡️Post comments

➡️Post Reactions

➡️Post Shares

Not sure where to find them? In this article, I show you exactly where these metrics are located inside of your LinkedIn Dashboard.

No to the fun part: Let's calculate our engagement rate using this simple formula:

LinkedIn Engagement Rate Formula

Basic Formula:

ER (Engagement Rate) = ((Total Engagement (Reactions + Comments + Shares)) / Impressions)*100

Let's make a quick example, so you see how to calculate it using real values:

The values we are calculating with:

ER (Engagement Rate in %) = ((Total Engagement (44 + 12 + 1)) / 1250) * 100

Step 1: Calculating the "Total Engagement"

ER (Engagement Rate in %) = (57 / 1250) * 100

Step 2: Divide your "Total Engagement" through your Impressions

ER (Engagement Rate in %) = (57 / 1250) * 100

Step 3: Take the result times 100

4,56% (Engagement Rate in %) = 0,0456 * 100

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What Is A Good Engagement Rate?

Now you may ask yourself, what is the definition of a great, Engagement Rate? I've seen everything from 0,2% to even 20%!, and above.

Out of my personal experience running inlytics - a LinkedIn Analytics Tool for personal profiles, I can say that it widely depends on the industry, job position, your reputation in the market, and the content you publish.

Some accounts that I have supported were happy with an Engagement between 1-3% others were much more ambitious and averaged between 5-10%.

LinkedIn Engagement Rate automatically calculated using inlytics.io
inlytics will calculate your engagement rate for every post

The indicator above will give you a rough estimate of whether you are above or below the average of most people on LinkedIn.

Tip: You have to be careful: The fewer impressions you have to dive through, the less meaningful the outcome is. For example, it's a huge difference if your post has 500 impressions against 5000 impressions.



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Frequently Asked Questions
About The Engagement Rate

I answer the questions that you may still have

What Does The Engagement Rate Mean?

LinkedIn itself does not provide any metric similar to the calculated Engagement Rate above. That means it's purely a metric used to find out how many people have been interacting with your content. See it as something that always should be as high as possible. You want your audience on LinkedIn to be engaged with your content, otherwise it may not be helpful/ educational... enough.

Is inlytics Capable Of Calculating The ER Automatically?

Yes, you don't need to monitor metrics at all with inlytics. We automatically pull all your data and visualize it in your dashboard your Engagement Rate is also automatically calculated. What we do is we support the evaluation of your data by providing you with a heatmap that shows you at one glance what's going on. If you want to start for free, create your account here.

Is There A Engagement Rate Benchmark Statistic?

As far as I know, you won't find real statistics about this topic by now. However, inlytics (LinkedIn Analytics) is capable of analyzing your personal Engagement Rate and compare it to other people in your industry. We are actively working towards a state where we can present more benchmarking insights. Example: LinkedIn Benchmarking reports for B2B, salespeople, or founders. Our goal is to deliver you fitted and actionable insights to improve your content performance.

Is The Engagement Rate Calculator Free To Use?

Sure! You can use the calculator as often as you want completly for free.

For What Can The Calculator Be Used?

Use it for whatever you want. Most will calculate the Engagement Rate of their posts or articles. Some will use it to find out more about the overall Engagement of their company pages.

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