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If you ask yourself if this guide can help you to write a better LinkedIn headline, read further. I'm sure it will.

Writing A Good Headline On LinkedIn

Is hard. Sometimes frustrating. I understand. You want to get it perfect...

In this article, I show you LinkedIn headlines that have proven to work for others. For this cause I have curated a list of outstanding real-world headline examples. Before we start let us ask the question of what we want to achieve with our LinkedIn headline?

In my opinion, your headlines should awake the following:

  • Show people who you are
  • What you can do for them
  • Add Trust
  • Help you appear in search
  • Hock people up to take action

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Note: On LinkedIn, you have 120 characters of total headline length. (Some report to have 220 characters when editing the headline on mobile) - However, use them wisely!

6 Types Of LinkedIn Headlines

Type #1 - The Trusted Expert

LinkedIn Profile Screenshot of a good Headline Example

Next example:

LinkedIn Profile Screenshot of a good Headline Example that adds trust by showing accomplishments

Another one:

LinkedIn Profile with blue background, good headline example

Why are they good?

I have not 1, not 2 but 3 exciting examples for you. What do all of these peoples headlines have in common? Right, they add massive trust by showing their accomplishments/ references. Does it work? I'm sure it does at least help to pause people in what they are doing to read further. If that is what you want, think about adding similar trust elements in your LinkedIn headline.

Don't have any exciting looking accomplishments like that? Me neither, here is an example of someone that is most likely closer to you and me:

LinkedIn Profile with standard background, good headline example of a normal person


  • Consider writing about references that add trust
  • Use visible separators like "|" or "•"

Type #2 - The SEO King

LinkedIn Profile with good use of Keywords. Also a great headline example
Fili did a great job here

Why is it good?

In his profile, the word SEO appears 59 times. He made very clear what is offer is all about. Which is... SEO. Fill will be the first thing you find on the LinkedIn search when you type in "SEO". Impressive! Tip: By adding keywords in your profile you increase the chance of getting found for this search term.


  • Define Keywords you want to be found for
  • Add them in your headline
  • If you are serious, add the keyword to your name
  • Get found

Ah, wait! It's not that easy after all. But a good first step towards your goal of getting found more often. If you want to dig deeper into how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile check out the linked article.

Type #3 - The Benefit Hero

A LinkedIn Headline Example that shows the benefit right away

Why is it good?

What's the benefit when I look at your profile?! "I'm the best account to follow on LinkedIn, look at my headline!". Well, that's a way to put it. People like reading about what you can do for them or how you can help. Be clear and precise, that's my advice.


  • Let people know what you can do for them
  • Let a statement speak for itself

Type #4 - The Announcing CTA Leader

Call to action in the LinkedIn headline of this profile

Why is it good?

You want people to just don't step over you, huh? Maybe try to add a call to action like Kendall. She did a few things very well: First, The headline is on short & point. Second, she's taking the opportunity to get the word out, in just 38 characters. That's nice because the CTA will also be visible on mobile.


  • Include the name of your company
  • Use emojis like 👇, ➡️ to incentive people to act
  • If you have a special event coming up (or you hire) make it visible

Type #5 - The Bold Standout

Bold and outstanding LinkedIn headline example

Why is it good?

Holy smokes! That's what I'm talking about. Cindy uses a bold and outstanding headline that grabs attention. It's promising, brave, and takes you to read further. Why is she so confident about it? When to use this strategy: you want to grab attention and are the kind of person that likes to be in the spotlights. You are fine to polarize between people liking and disliking you. This method might work for you.


  • Bold Statements grab attention
  • A controversial statement increases the chance to polarize

Type #6 - Mr./ Mrs. "I keep It simple"

A simple and effective LinkedIn headline with focus on the essentials

Why is it good?

Not very engaging, not special... BUT still better than stuffing your headline with buzzwords and phrases like: "I help companies with more than..".

You don't want people to think you are smirk. Use this format if you don't have anything to sell, no "real" goal on LinkedIn, or just want to point out one specific thing. At the end of the day, it's about focus.


  • Don't use buzzwords
  • Keep it simple and clean
  • Or, add the domain of your company (eg.

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5 Great LinkedIn Headline Examples For Sales People

Sales Headline Example #1:

LinkedIn Profile of a salesperson - focus on the headline
Michael does a great job. Here is why:

Why is it good?

I think this first example is great because it simple. People want to know who they are dealing with. The message is on point, also Michael put's out where is employed right away. Great move. People will reconcile you and the name of your brand. This is what you want.


  • Include the name of your Brand
  • Use visible separators like "|" "•"
  • Keep it short and simple

Sales Headline Example #2:

LinkedIn Profile of a professional salesperson - it says director of sales

Why is it good?

Very short and concisely. The whole idea here is to make the domain name, aka. the brand, stand out. And it does. Do this if you want to raise the awareness of your company, while being fully responsive, even on mobile.


  • Include your domain name
  • Keep it short and precise
  • Don't use fancy job title & buzz words

Sales Headline Example #3:

Very well optimized LinkedIn Headline Example for this salesperson

Why is it good?

I like this headline example because it builds trust while focusing on important Keywords opportunities. Again, it's well separated and clear. Ryan used different words to describe his skills. Which is good. Do this with your LinkedIn profile.


  • Use keywords to be found by people searching for you (LinkedIn SEO)
  • Build trust by showing your skills

Sales Headline Example #4:

LinkedIn profile with the use of emojis in the headline

Why is it good?

Linsey has a good use of Emojis in this example. The headline is peeped up a bit but not in a trashy way. The point is: just don't overdo it. I also like the implementation of the hashtag right there. Still, I have to criticize for not including a more compelling CTA in the headline. Something like: "get in contact 👇" would do the trick in my opinion.


  • Use LinkedIn hashtags that you want to brand
  • Use emojis to peep up your headline

Sales Headline Example #5

A LinkedIn professional with a great optimized headline. This person is in the sales business.

Why is it good?

I love this example because he did on thing in perfection: he communicated the benefit in under 50 symbols. Awesome. Also, he is very precise about what he does. He included a clear CTA in the headline as well as his domain name. Great job!


  • Use a strong Call-To-Action in your headline if possible
  • Include the benefit of what you are doing

3 Outstanding LinkedIn Headline Examples For Job Seekers

Bad example for a job seeker headline on LinkedIn

Before we go into detail: I want to show you 1 specific example that I want you to avoid. I see a lot of people adding terms like "Looking for a job", "unemployed" or "seeking a job" to their headline. That' terrible! Why?

It's inexpressive and doesn't indicate what your skills are or what you are looking for. Instead, I have put together examples of good and meaningful LinkedIn Headlines for when you search for a job.

Job Seeker Headline Example #1:

awesome example for a job seeker headline on LinkedIn

Why is it good?

This example convinces by a good use of active voice: "Actively searching..". Also, he points out in which industry he wants to work. This is good for recruiters. They can help much better because they know upfront what you are searching for.


Job Seeker Headline Example #2:

Very precise LinkedIn Headline description

Why is it good?

Magalie uses a precise description to let people know what she is searching for. She avoids buzz words. Also, she includes the location she is aiming to work at. Bravo!


  • Include your location or the location you want to work at
  • Again, avoid buzz words

Job Seeker Headline Example #3:

A LinkedIn Headline Example that uses trust elements to standout. Well made!

Why is it good?

Fantastic! This is a great headline. Here is why:

She uses her graduation as a trust element ("see, I learned this at a well know University!"). At the same time, she made sure to connect her profile experiences (right side) to match her LinkedIn headline. Furthermore, she includes the location she wants to find a job at.


  • Add trust elements (like graduations, degrees or your experiences)
  • Match your experiences with your headline

1 Excellent LinkedIn Headline Example For Students

Student Headline Example #1:

Good example of a student using a LinkedIn headline to her advantage

Why is it good?

This student did a great job adding relevant pieces of information to her headline. She included her current position, that she is searching for a new intern position, and also added trust by showing her current side project: A podcast. A friend of mine, who is frequently involved in the recruiting process once told me about how he prospects new candidates. What he is looking out for. The most important thing is engagement. Someone showing that he/ she is going the extra mile by doing things like, for example starting an own podcast, shows massive engagement.


  • Include elements (like degrees, graduations, or your past experiences)
  • Use hashtags like #opentowork

2 Professional LinkedIn Headline Examples For HR People

HR Headline Example #1:

LinkedIn Headline Example of a woman in HR with a clear call to action

Why is it good?

The woman in the example above does one thing extremely well: she states very clearly what she/ her company is looking for - an HR Manager. Many Headline CTA's are all the same: "Hiring!", "We're looking for good people". That like naming the Call to action on your Website "Searching for Customers". Not very appealing, right? Better use a wording that describes what you search for. At this point, I want to thank Jan-Lütje Thoden for giving me a heads up about this topic.


  • Include a describing CTA element in your LinkedIn headline.

HR Headline Example #2:

HR person that shines through very precise statements that capture value

Why is it good?

I very much like how he captures the value of his work in short statements like this. "Talent Spotter" and "Team Builder", both properties of a good HR person.


  • Capture the value of your work in short statements

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Finding the right wording for your LinkedIn headline can be challenging. Especially if you have multiple things to reference. My advice is to focus on what you want people to notice. Put this first and keep it crisp. Cheers!



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Frequently Asked Questions
About LinkedIn Headlines

I answer the questions that you may still have

Do You Have Advice For Job Seeker?

As a job seeker to want to get found. Here are a few tips that can help you:

- Use hashtags like #ONO (meaning Open to New Opportunities) in your LinkedIn headline or near the start of your "About" statement.
- Use LinkedIn's new "Build a resume" feature:
- Get your CV updated
- Connect with people that can help you find a job. Most likely these are the people that are currently working in the industry you want to settle in.

What About A LinkedIn Headline For Students?

If you are a student looking for a job or internship you can follow the same rules like the ones for job seekers. Instead of searching for a job, you name the internship position you would like to have.

What To Put In My LinkedIn Headline?

What you are going to write in your headline depends on what you want to achieve. As you have found out in the examples above, you can formulate a title in different ways.

Some people write a short, self-explanatory title, others a longer statement to appeal to the target audience. Think about what best fits your communication strategy or that of your company.If you are unsure which title will be memorable, you can proceed as follows:

1. think about who you want to address on LinkedIn
2. write a list with 10 short and concise titles and show them to 2-3 friends
3. ignore their suggestions and wait until the next day
4. ask them which title they can remember - here you go

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